StudioRIP has an easy-to-use architecture which provides easy installation, easy upgrades and ease of use. The server software can be installed on standard PC units with most common Windows operating systems, while the client software can be installed both on Windows or Mac OS X systems.

Easy-to-use Client – The client is fully integrated, all user tools are run from a single Graphical User Interface from which users can submit jobs, edit jobs, proof, preview and output from a single application.

Jobs arrive and are stored with their original PDF in a job folder. This allows jobs to be edited, retrieved and reprocessed from the job history.

Advanced Preview – StudioRIP preview allows for easy and powerful previewing of jobs with four different views:

Separated view – View individual colors

Composite view – View All colors or selected colors together

Imposition View – The imposed view of a job

Media View – Shows the job and position on the output media

The preview also gives tools such as measuring, retouch and dot meter.

Multiple Clients – StudioRIP allows the client to run on the host PC or other Windows / Mac Clients to ensure efficient working from all user’s workstations.

Job History – Ripped data is stored in job history for easy reprints. The history can be archived to DVD or Servers.