• Customizable hybrid screening – The operator can specify the minimum and maximum printable dot size.
  • Flexo hybrid screening – Smooth AM-FM transition by slihgtly shifting the screen dot centers in order to achieve a stocastic structure in the AM screen, useful for flexo where the quality of the highlights is critical.
  • Smooth, pattern free halftones – Filters out the possible patterns caused by dot gain.
  • 4096 shades of grey – Smooth gradients even in low dpi and high lpi conditions.
  • Colour precision – A low-pass filtering system smooths dot gain spikes, offering perfectly linear behavior after calibration.
  • Consistent rosettes – Perfect rosette consistency even on large format, high resolution and special angles.
  • Stochastic screening – Second order FM screen producing extremely smooth tints in the AM area (without the typical FM noise).
  • Gravure friendly dot shape – Pincushion dot available.