StudioRIP is a feature-rich application which can be used for most printing applications. The following benefits are specifically relevant to the commercial printing environment:

Scalable Features – Printers can start making plates with the Standard Edition of StudioRIP, but adding features like FM screening, proofing, trapping or CIP3 output can be done with a few clicks, allowing you to grow your business at your own pace while keeping the same installed software base of the system.

Open System – StudioRIP can drive a wide range of devices by interface or via output formats.

Easy to use – StudioRIP has a very easy-to-use interface, allowing expert users to control complex high end features and settings, while simple tasks are accessed with just a few mouse clicks. The Mac client also eliminates the need for a Windows PC in Mac-only environments.

Outstanding Dot Quality – Moiré-Free output, Hybrid Screening as standard with option for FM, as well as tools built into the RIP for making press curves.